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Valeria Gurr, Director of Devos' funded group, ally of Carrie Buck, looks to exploit violent videos

In a stunning, and abhorrent, call to action by the American Federation of Children’s Director of External Affairs, the privacy of both students and teachers within the Clark County School District is under siege.

Las Vegas based Valeria Gurr, the AFC’s outreach chief and a close ally of renegade Republican Nevada State Senator Carrie Buck, is the creator of the Facebook page “CCSD Padres y Madres,” which is utilized as a vehicle to educate Spanish speaking parents on the ills of the public school system.

On February 4th, at approximately 9:30 pm, on the heels of a viral video showing a brutal fight at Las Vegas High School, Gurr posted the following message which can be seen in its original Spanish version, a message which was made the group’s featured post, along with an English translation.

Gurr’s plea for student recorded video and, as an extension, the indirect suggestion they engage in surreptitious film making of their classmates and their instructors, would place those children who complied with her request in violation of CCSD regulation P-5136, a policy which Action 13 News covered in 2018.

With tensions rising within the District, and teacher morale dropping precipitously, outside agitation by the spokesperson for the Betsy Devos funded group is doing nothing but fomenting fear among parents, gossip and violence among kids, and impeding the work Superintendent Jesus Jara and the CCSD Board of Trustees is doing to help foster an environment of education and safety.

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