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Video: Roger Stone details Michele Fiore FBI investigation. 17 agents! Reveals Informant! Media knew

Despite evasive responses from Nevada gubernatorial candidate, and current Las Vegas City Councilwoman, Michele Fiore regarding the current FBI investigation into her finances, a close ally of the Republican National Committee woman has divulged stunning details about the case.

Roger Stone, the GOP political operative who has been involved in numerous scandals, is a long time friend of Fiore. In addition to penning a December, 2021 missive imploring former President Trump to endorse her, Stone was the recipient of a legal defense fundraiser in the run-up to the 2020 General election hosted by the Councilwoman.

And thanks to their extensive history together, Stone was positioned to discuss several aspects about the FBI's case against Fiore that had never been revealed before.

Among the claims made by Stone to Alex Jones are the following:

  1. 17 agents "stormed" her home.

  2. Media outlets were with the FBI has the raid took place.

  3. The person who tipped off the FBI is a former Fiore employee.

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