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Video shows Nevada intel center hack led to dropping of exposed domains. Feds; DHS left out in cold

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

In the aftermath of the devastating loss of highly sensitive information from five separate divisions belonging to the state of Nevada's intelligence agencies, an embarrassing video has emerged showing that the federal Department of Homeland Security was apparently not briefed on the state's efforts to erase the existence of the databases in question.

When examining the two links leading to Nevada's fusion centers from the website, the Southern Nevada Counter Terrorism Center directs to the proper home page. However the link to the Nevada Threat Analysis Center, one of the groups hit in the 2020 breach, currently points to a domain squatter's page. can now report that the dumped URL,, was in fact the official site in use by the Nevada Department of Public Safety for a 16 county spy operation until the information loss took place, and was one of at least three sites secretly dropped in the aftermath of the exposure.

The state also allowed two other webpages, and, to be abruptly released to the public well before registration of the domains were set to expire.

While was not publicly functional, the screen shot below indicates that the Nevada Cyber Exchange was being utilized by the office of the Nevada Department of Public Safety's Office of Cyber Defense Coordination.

Also known as the NV Cyber Exchange, the department is in charge of voting system security and educating local election officials on the topic of cyber security, among other areas of its portfolio, as seen in the the few remaining Twitter links attesting to its creation.

This story was verified by the existence of name server identification, IP addresses, domain history, multiple government documents at the local, state, and federal levels and the help of several experts in the IT field.

In addition to previous articles on this topic by, further reporting in the series will be released soon.

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