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Video - Unhinged Las Vegas Judge throws Constitution, bashes juror, a rapist walks! What's next?

Yesterday in we promised another video of former Nevada Eighth District Court Judge Richard Scotti. Now it's here.

Last seen partying with a group of supporters including former and current Proud Boys along with a notorious military deserter, Richard Scotti seemed to be embracing a carefree life outside the constant glare of the public sphere. And with significant free time available, having lost a reelection bid to justice seeking public defender Carli Kierny, Scotti could have easily remained acting out the enviable, feared, and luxurious existence part of high powered litigator. Instead, not trusting the will of the voters who rejected him by large margins in the 2020 general election, he began gearing up another campaign almost immediately.

Spending months gauging support for different offices, Scotti, a former Chairman of the Clark County GOP, eventually decided on a run for Nevada Secretary of State which he announced just week ago. Immediately after declaring his desire to abandon the Las Vegas Valley for cushier confines in Carson City, the rule breaking jurist made his love and respect for the US Constitution a cornerstone of his electoral platform.

And this decision is proving problematic for Richard Scotti. Why? Because some would be voters can't fathom any man who would be inclined to literally throw the Constitution away could be trusted to respect or uphold it, especially when such an individual is vying for the role of Chief Election Administrator. Yet, that is exactly what Richard Scotti did and is doing. He threw away the Constitution, and now he wants to be in charge of elections across Nevada?

While the voters will render their own verdict about the polarizing politician, we in Las Vegas and across Clark County know Scotti's actions and behavior has had real life consequences in the community, with multiple cases he presided over being overturned on appeal, including a convicted child rapist walking free.

Prompted by a flurry of social media posts commemorating "Constitution Day," the decision was made to write about Richard Scotti's public service aspirations on consecutive days. Election integrity matters, personal integrity even more so. Full disclosure, I've dined with "Judge" Scotti on several occasions and find him him to be intellectually brilliant and sheepishly engaging. However many choices he's made in both his personal and professional lives lead me to wonder if he should ever run for office again, let alone being placed in charge of overseeing our most sacred right. As it stands right now, my answer is a firm, hard no on both accounts.

Just a reminder our usual disclaimer applies to this story: "You can't sue the Truth."

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