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Whitmer out of "Das Kapital!"Gov. Sisolak ignores NV Dems, FAILS to appoint Deborah March as Lt. Gov

“It is my honor to endorse Debra March for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada. Debra’s proven leadership, statewide reach, and extensive experience will allow for a seamless transition within our executive branch,” said Chair Whitmer.

A tumultuous weekend for the leader of the Nevada State Democratic Party, Chair Judith Whitmer, one which began with a report in Mother Jones Magazine casting significant doubts on her ability to lead Democrats to success in the 2022 election cycle, and continuing into the Saturday state executive committee meetings, didn't get better for her as the new week began.

In an exclusive from The Nevada Independent, it has been revealed that political unknown Lisa Cano-Burkhead is Governor Steve Sisolak's choice to fill the vacant office of the state's Lieutenant Governor office. While the selection of the novice educator is itself a surprise, learned tonight that senior members of the NV Dems, as the official party is more commonly known, were not notified of the Governor's selection prior to story being reported to the public. This omission from the selection process is even more embarrassing for Whitmer, when factoring in the significant amount of political capital she used to push for the appointment of corporate friendly Mayor of Henderson, Deborah March, to the post this summer. The Whitmer/March pairing caused a significant amount of head scratching, as the proud leftist Chairperson and the crony capitalist Mayor seemed to make an unusual team.

No one affiliated with Nevada State Democratic Party would speak on record but the consensus with those to whom spoke is that Governor Sisolak is sending a clear message to Whitmer with both his ultimate choice, and the lack of communication with her on the matter. And what is that message? That the NV Dems have zero relevance within the state of Nevada's political structure.

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