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Why Uncensored and without gatekeeping, the time came to “Free the Words”

Sprawling, intoxicating, overwhelming, the Frankfurt Book Fair is a behemoth in the world of publishing, literature, and in some ways, creative thought. Spanning centuries of technological progress, and ever increasing growth, the global book culture remains indelibly guided by this worldwide event.

Introduced to the controlled chaos that is the Fair in 2016, the multiple days I spent conversing with fellow authors and speaking to publishers were overshadowed by the simple power and brute force of a slogan that was being utilized to illuminate the ever encroaching threat of government censorship and corporate driven authoritarianism in media.

The German language original "Fur Das Wort und Die Freiheit," became an easily digestible hashtag "#FreetheWords." Yet even in that stripped down delivery, the idea retained the power to move my soul. ​

Five years later I'm driven daily by the need to fight back and speak up against the gate keeping, bias, and disinformation plaguing both the media and government.

As an active participant in the political scenes of Las Vegas and Nevada, having experienced first hand the peculiar choices and inherent bias that comes with an impotent press corps answering to weak editors, a stark choice was mine to make. Would I continue to hoard the words and information the public needed to hear or would I free them? ​

Political.Tips is the clearest of answers to that question. A reckoning arrived, and a response was rendered. Whether one is reading about politics, education, the courts or general news, if they are reading it in they will be reading about those topics uncensored, with the knowledge that the time finally arrived to "Free the Words."

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