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Wow! VIDEO-Richard Scotti, sanctioned judge, current GOP candidate for Nevada SOS, campaigns...HARD!

Having obtained 22 seconds of a what is apparently an almost 9 minute video highlighting a raucous night of political mayhem, proudly presents proof that not all politicians care about appearance or decorum.

In the footage shown below, possibly recorded by videographer David Orlov, Richard Scotti, surrounded by a plethora of friends and supporters including a seemingly inebriated gentleman offering effusive praise for the now sanctioned former jurist, looks equal parts amused and carefree in the midst of a seemingly celebratory evening.

Among those identified on stage with Scotti, who is currently a Republican candidate for Nevada Secretary of State, is self professed former Proud Boy Matt Anthony along with one time, and possibly current, Proud Boy Rudy Clai. Also spotted are several conservatives known for their unrelenting support of the Michael McDonald / Jesse Law led GOP.

With fellow Secretary of State hopeful Jim Marchant finding himself under what appears to be unrelenting attacks from within his own party, and newcomer Gerard Ramalho attempting to understand just what a statewide campaign entails, does Richard Scotti have an opportunity to make it through the Republican primary and stake claim to a statewide nomination?

Next week at we'll investigate further into Richard Scotti's chances at replacing Barbara Cegavske, while presenting an unforgettable look back at a slightly less festive recording of Scotti in action!

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