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You're Fired! NV GOP expelling prominent Vegas Republicans. State party unpersons Buck loyalists

In a stunning decision by the Nevada Republican Party, longtime GOP insiders from across the Las Vegas Valley are at risk of having their memberships terminated by fellow politicos. On October 16th, at the biennial meeting of Republicans in Winnemucca, Resolution Part B will be one to look at closely.

Coming on the heels of a back and forth battle for leadership of the the Clark County GOP, one which saw Trump administration stalwart Jesse Law outlast State Senator Carrie Buck for control of the local party, this unprecedented effort will continue to sow the chaos within the ranks of the Grand Old Party.

After Ms. Buck's near certain victory for the title of Chairperson was upended by Mr. Law's focus on grassroots outreach and a superior organizational approach, a continued effort by those supporters of Buck to overturn the election results, led the boiling cauldron of animus and distrust among the rival factions to finally spew over.

Ultimately, the nation's longest serving state party leader Michael McDonald, and his executive board, felt a need to step in and quell the dissent. This decided on approach however will do little to bring peace to the adherents of either side.

Among those who will no longer be recognized as voting members of the Republican state central committee if this purge of alleged dissidents is successful are the following: B-List actor and former acting county Chair Stephen Silberkraus, Political Director Richard Maclean, Dan Rodimer's CD-3 campaign manager and union favorite Ed Gonzalez, previously deposed Nevada Republican Club Vice-President Mikey Colian. The ignominious fall from grace that these former power brokers are facing is stunning in its speed, but not fully unexpected as their backing of Senator Buck well after significant numbers of the party faithful had moved on was sure to invoke some retribution from a state party apparatus known to demand loyalty, if not fealty, to the Donald J. Trump backed McDonald.

What the next move from the insiders turned outsiders is can only be a guess at this time, however with a sitting Senator leading the way, the road to Winnemucca will certainly be winding evermore this coming week.

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