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Exclusive: and War.News have established a collaborative information partnership with Russian resistance groups Black Bridge, Algiz, and others

The worldwide war against tyranny, despotism, and slavery begins with Putin and we are at the front lines of this fight against the Kremlin directly from Ukraine, Russia, the USA and around the globe

(Editors Note: This is the most important post you can share, comment on, and have your friends subscribe to. This is the beginning of Putin’s end.)

Below the jump are exclusive introductions to the two groups in their own words:

Months of intensive dialogue from the jungles of Panama to the streets of Mexico City, into the heart of freedom in Warsaw and Berlin, led yesterday to the decision by two well-regarded active measure internal Russian resistance groups, Blackbridge and Algiz, as well several others who at this time are remaining nameless, to enter into an active information partnership with and, along with sites’ publisher, Sarah Ashton-Cirillo.

Black Bridge:


Black Bridge is a wholly independent, clandestine non-profit organization that is spreading a war for freedom against Putin's regime both inside and outside of the Russian Federation.

Two distinct wings make up Black Bridge one being a military component, the other dedicated to partisan warfare.

We are developing the Resistance. We utilize methodical means of gaining material and financial support from individual partisans and autonomous groups on the territory of the Russian Federation.

We do not accept mercenaries, only revolutionaries. Citizens, who will become the crux of the statehood of a post-Putin Russia, in which freedom is relished and in which it is understood, at what cost it is gotten. Therefore, the safety of our Resistance fighters is paramount, the human being is more important than any potential direct action.

Our end goal is the disintegration of Putin and his fascist ideology and the assurance that there is a place in Russia for a normal life and the dream of a normal future.

Read more about us below:




Algiz is a Russian partisan movement that emphatically rejects a non-violent approach to the partisan struggle against Putin’s Russian regime.

To join Algiz, you don't have to be an experienced partisan with in-depth knowledge of the needed methods to ensure regime change—members of the movement are educated in these ways by fellow members of the movement.

We don't have a single ideology within our ranks. Still, every single one of us is convinced that Russia must become free and that each individual, regardless of race, creed, or religion, must be given the possibility of living in freedom as opposed to under the occupation of thuggish powers. Algiz will help bring about a Russia that is a flourishing, democratic country that adheres to the rights and liberty of individuals.

For the entirety of our movement's existence, we have provided support for different kinds of partisan groups across Russia and Belarus—we cover the costs of direct actions, theorize, and practice new methods of advancing the struggle. At the same time, Algiz also provides partisans with the needed documents, financial instruments, and other means for gathering all necessary tools to bring about the future we envision above.


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