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Rapist? Video of Nevada GOP Senate candidate Adam Laxalt's rape allegations resurfaces. David Pakman interview from 2018 was subject of Laxalt attempt to stop its publication

Alleged victim describes her memories of a potentially fateful night between her and the former bad boy turned Nevada Attorney General, turned prennial candidate.

This story is developing.

Adam Laxalt is currently the GOP’s hope for a Senate race pickup in the upcoming November election, however, a newly unearthed video, one where Laxalt is accused of rape, has revived lingering doubts about his capacity for holding office.

Furthermore, allegations contained within the video, where Danielle P. recalls a horrifically painful night that according to the accuser culminated in her being raped by the future Nevada AG led to the interview being pulled at the behest of Laxalt’s lawyers.

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This legal intervention also spurred a police report by a journalist against Laxalt, threats of a countersuit from the original media source, and suggestions of a possible coverup by a Las Vegas area journalist.

Laxalt, the recipient of illegal campaign funds from an indicted Russian oligarch who is currently being protected by Vladimir Putin, is polling nearly even with incumbent Democrat Catherine Cortez-Masto for the vital US Senate seat.

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Sarah Ashton-Cirillo