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Hi Sarah, thanks for the video. Here is my analysis of the interview: She is telling the truth about everything from the walk home to what happened in the party house, including him being drunk. So the accusation is 100% legit. The only thing she is slightly insecure about (and so slightly evasive) is why she was in those bar(s) looking for those jobs and starting a new future, but that has nothing to do with the rape.

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"The only thing she is slightly insecure about (and so slightly evasive) is why she was in those bar(s) looking for those jobs and starting a new future"

Dude. Are you *serious* with this nonsense? Do the words you wrote mean something different in Canadian vernacular than they do in "US English?"

As you correctly said none of that has anything to do with the rape. So why even say it? But let's put your indecency aside and *analyze* a little more.

Why was she in those bar(s):

1. Maybe bars work differently in Canada. I was a bartender for about 10 years, 5 of which in the French Quarter. In America, especially in New Orleans, bartenders go to bars. You did hear that she was a bartender, yes? Bartenders tend to be friends with other bartenders. We go to bars on our nights off. We do it in part to drink but we also go to throw our tip money at the person behind the bar because 1) we know they aren't making shit and 2) we know they'll be in our bar on their night off throwing money at us for the same reason. I dunno, maybe bars and bartenders in Canada work differently.

2. New Orleans is a drinking culture. We're even kind of known for that. People (we call them "tourists") even come down for that very reason. Crazy, amirite? This incident happened almost 30 years ago so maybe it's not THAT unreasonable to think a bartender in their mid 20's might go to a bar on a night off? Maybe? Going to two bars on two different nights may excessive up there but down here, it's not uncommon to go to several different bars in one night (we call it "bar hopping" just FYI).

3. It. Doesn't. Matter.

Why was she looking for those jobs?

1. That's self-answering question and too stupid to spend any time on.

Why is she starting a new future?

1. Lake Charles is a shit-hole. It sucks. I'd wager most everyone would like to leave but I assume you've never been there so you can't know that so I won't hold that against your argument...but let's *analyze* what you DO know from the interview.

2. She was getting *divorced.* Maybe, and bear with me here 'cause I'm just spitballing, but maybe a young woman in her mid 20's who is going through a divorce *might* want a fresh start...a "new future" as it were. It's a stretch I know, but under the circumstances maybe she might want to get away from her ex-husband and his family? Get as far away as possible? Perhaps? Maybe?

You say "the accusation is 100% legit" yet you casually drop these little nuggets that suggest and imply otherwise. "she is slightly insecure" "[she is] so slightly evasive."

Yeah she's insecure. She's re-living the worst night of her life on camera after having done so previously to a major news source who clearly didn't believe her. And no, she wasn't evasive. Not at all. She told her story warts and all. She divulged information where some people could say, "See? She was asking for it!" That's not evasive, that's raw honesty.

I don't know you so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and just think you're an idiot but you come off as a victim blamer who is trying not to look like one. I look forward to your future analyses of other incidents and world events.


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You seem deranged. Seems that you represent the Bar association....

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Sarah, your twitter account has been deleted, what is the best way for people to follow your work now, Mastadon? Other sites? Here? Also what in the world happened to your account, just a random ban?

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