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There needs to be more done than simply a declaration that Putin and his nazgul are war criminals; though whether the west will have the will to use special forces to seize any so designated remains to be seen. I hope so. The disruption of the grain supplies is also a crime against those deprived of food, and the bombastic threats made in Putin's name should convince world leaders that they are dealing with rabid dogs, not with rational human beings. Because individuals like Putin do not think in the way that most of us do, which is partly, as we know, down to 600 years of alcohol poisoning, brainwashing, lies, corruption, and generally the disadvantage of being Russian, and partly down to the vainglory and ambition of a once insignificant KGB officer who came to power, and whose stock-in-trade to convince his people that he was a strong man was to take off his shirt, to show himself a bohatyr, and because this is a very Cossack thing, he feels he has to subdue other real Cossacks in order to stop them laughing at him. Because he is too small and puny to take laughter. Unlike Zelensky, who can strut about dancing in a ridiculous costume because he knows that laughter is good for people, and because he has cojones of pure titanium. [a figure of speech applicable to all his warriors gender irrespective.]

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