Once Ukraine and Poland were brothers, and split, [1648 was a complex year in a lot of places] and Chmielnicki trusted Alexei of Russia, and the Ukrainian people were subjugated. Then Stalin tried genocide. Then there was Glasnost... briefly. And everyone in Europe was like 'Russia is a modern country now' and Ukraine was urged to give up its nuclear weapons. Well, those of us who said at the time, 'The Russian bear is still the Russian bear' were told we were paranoid and stupid.

And who in Ukraine will ever trust the word of a Russian ever again? I am glad that the UK and US have retrieved honour to some extent after our treaty-breaking, having [along with Russia] guaranteed Ukraine's safety and integrity if they gave up nuclear weapons. Which we ignored in 2014. Shame. Glory to Poland for sticking by their fellow Slavs. Slava Ukraini! Heroyam slava!

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Thank you for reminding me of these horrific events and reminding the world Russia needs accountability.

Congrats on the promotion....be safe

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