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Apr 5, 2023Liked by Sarah Ashton-Cirillo

600 years of systematic brutalisation of the Russian people and control by a mix of lies, propoganda, and cheap state-controlled vodka is not overcome in an instant, and it shows in the atrocities that the brief period of Glasnost was not enough. Tsar Putin might as well be Ivan or Peter. Even his own people appeal to him as to a tsar, and expect Vladimir Vladimirovitch to sort out their problems, as their 'little father.' I've been a Russia watcher since my teens, having grown up in the knowledge that Armageddon could be four minutes away, and though all I have seen saddens me, it does not surprise me. I know Ukraine will win; has already won. But winning the peace and subduing the bear will be a harder task for the world community.

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