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Before combat begins, during the fight and after the battle ends, the Armed Forces of Ukraine's Center for Psychological and Moral Support is there for the troops and their families

The Weekend: Polish Election Analysis

Peter Pellegrini: The next Prime Minister of Slovakia? And what does this mean for Ukraine?

Video response to my suspension as spokesperson for the Armed Forces of Ukraine's Territorial Defense Force

The story of a Ukrainian music star turned Artilleryman

Premiere of Beyond the Peace, the Official Armed Forces of Ukraine full length documentary on the war crimes in Bucha and around Kyiv Oblast

Russia Hates the Truth: Episode 18 - Russia is corrupt and rotting while Ukraine wins the future.

Russia Hates the Truth Episode 14: The war returns to Russia

A new short film on the Ukrainian produced Punisher drone

Urgent: Call to Action. Ukraine is under attack and needs America's FULL SUPPORT desperately. We need YOUR help today

Video: Russia Hates the Truth: Episode 7

Video from Kyiv: Premier episode of Ukraine in the Know and Episode 5 of Russia Hates the Truth

Russia Hates the Truth: Episode 4

Video: Russia Hates the Truth: Episode 3

Video: Russia Hates the Truth: Episode 2

Video: Russia Hates the Truth: Episode 1

Ukraine News Today - July 5th, 2023

Video Report: Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant and Russian Lies

Talking Points: Ukraine - May 5, 2023. President Zelenskyy visits The Hague, Russia is following the Nazis in both style and action, and more negotiations over the grain deal.

Talking Points Ukraine: May 1, 2023 - Details on the Oil Depot Strike in Sevastopol, Russian Food Blackmail, and Russia's failed UN Presidency

Talking Points Ukraine: Weekend Edition - Insight into Russian Genocide, the upcoming counteroffensive, and military solutions to Russian terrorism

Talking Points: Ukraine - April 25, 2023. Counterattack in Bakhmut, made up media stories, and more Russian lies

The Armed Forces of Ukraine cares. A retreat center in Kharkiv Oblast is proof that the AFU is leading the way in military wellness

Words from Ukraine: An interview with Times Radio (London) regarding Russia's information terrorism

Talking Points: Ukraine - Forced deportation, post victory rebuilding, and Russian aggression on the Black Sea. April 13, 2023

Update: The US Government has found no significant cases of waste, fraud, or abuse related to Ukraine aid

Talking Points: Ukraine - Execution videos, leaked documents, and genocide. April 12, 2023

Talking Points: Ukraine - April 10, 2023. Crimea, Ukrainian military power, and Russian terrorism against Poland

Talking Points: Ukraine - The counter-offensive and more. April 7, 2023

Talking Points: Ukraine - April 6, 2023

Talking Points: Ukraine - April 5, 2023. Topics include Ukrainian Air Defense, Russian abuse of Ukrainian POWs, and life under Russian occupation

Talking Points: Ukraine

Talking Points: Ukraine

The truth about the Wagner Group. Hint: They ain't all that

I'm being deployed to the frontlines

Prigozhin Files: US Justice Department documents on the Wagner PMC founder from 2014 & 2015

Living in the moment is the only way of living during war

Updated: Ukraine security assistance fact sheet from the US Department of Defense

Must Read: Russian Tank Mechanic reveals Ukrainian warfare superiority in interview; laments fighting against Ukraine

Russia Hates the Truth. News from Belgorod includes the fact that the region is under Ukrainian shelling "every day," and the Wagner group has set up a training camp in the Oblast

Exclusive: The media bias against President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is real

Exclusive: The media bias against President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is real

"Heaven and Hell" : My 2022 Photo of the Year from Russia's full scale invasion of Ukraine