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From Las Vegas to Kharkiv: Words about the people who shaped the last year of my life

Talking Points : Ukraine - The Consequences for Belarus of Russia's campaign of terrorism and war crimes against Ukraine

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo's Ukraine Photo Collection : Volume 2

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo's Ukraine Photo Collection : Volume 1

Christmas, Hanukkah or just because, I'm offering my unpublished photos as fundraiser for Liberty Ukraine and the ZSU

Rapist? Video of Nevada GOP Senate candidate Adam Laxalt's rape allegations resurfaces. David Pakman interview from 2018 was subject of Laxalt attempt to stop its publication


Update : Monsters - Wagner Mercenary List revealed

Names of Russian Wagner mercenaries now available; Link contains DOB, Social Media Channels, more

Joe Lombardo, Nevada GOP nominee for governor, touted FBI programs before turning on Bureau Agents

Exclusive photo shows captured Russian Tiger armored vehicle being retrofitted for use by Ukraine military

Exclusive: The battle for Udy in northern Kharkiv oblast exposes the desperation of Russian propaganda

Exclusive: Frontline village fearless in the face of Russian terrorism. Northern Kharkiv Oblast Mayor leads resistance against Putin's war criminals

Dog exploring the burnt-out wreckage of a shopping mall in Kharkiv, Ukraine - Photo of the Day by Sarah Ashton-Cirillo

Exclusive: US Army veteran raises over $20,000; purchases 4x4 Toyota for Ukraine's International Legion and delivers it straight to the frontlines of the war against Russian fascism

Exclusive: Two Ukrainian Territorial Defense Force members in Kharkiv cut a deal with Russia. When caught they ran to their FSB handler for help. The result? They were killed by Russian forces

Sarah Ashton Cirillo's Photo of the Day: A boy explores the ruins of his school in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo's Photo of the Day : A car after curfew

Russian terrorists attacked the Holodomor Memorial in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Photo of the Day: Love during War

Press conference by Kharkiv Oblast Governor Oleh Synyehubov illuminates fact that despite rampant Russian terrorism the defenders of Kharkiv are unbreakable

Photo of day: 8/2/2022 - Barley on the verge of rotting away due to the effects of Russian terrorism on the farmers of Ukraine

Humanitarian Center Kharkiv and Kraken J-9 host trauma training course for residents of rural Kharkiv Oblast

"In the midst of hell; I found your love." A photo of a Ukrainian Icon

Video from the frontlines in Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine: This is what a humanitarian disaster looks like

Photo of the Day: What would you do without walls in your home? Kharkiv, Ukraine - July 31, 2022

Stewart Rhodes: Informant and Monster. Tasha Adams on her marriage to the jailed Oath Keeper. Part 2

On June 21, I warned people about Russian plans to castrate men in Ukraine. It's time we finally confront this evil and say "Never Again" once and for all

On a day of tragedy, Mark J. Lindquist and Kharkiv Media Hub combined to bring jazz concert to Ukraine's frontline fortress city

My Twitter suspension for speaking the truth equals more time to report on Russian terrorism and Putin's war criminals

Longform investigation: Guilty? Nevada GOP State Treasurer nominee Michele Fiore, named a suspect in Oregon, met federal agents alone; testified based on 'limited proffer'. What else did she hide

Exclusive video from the operating room of a frontline hospital in Kharkiv Oblast

Exclusive: As United Nations mobilizes relief efforts in western Ukraine; US Consular official says," Sarah, tell the Americans in Kharkiv as things get hot we are here for them."

Exclusive Video: BRAVE! Watch Ukrainian doctors in Kharkiv Oblast perform surgery in a bunker while under attack. Why? Because Russia is a terrorist state

A statement on my lawsuit against Twitter, my job as a journalist and my moving forward in reporting that Russia is a terrorist state

Graphic News: Don't look away. We must show the world the depraved evil and barbaric brutality of Russian terrorism. This is the uncensored photo of a dead little girl from Vinnytsia, Ukraine.

Exclusive: On July 11, Kharkiv was attacked five times in 10 hours. Russian terrorism brought death, destruction, and an increased resolve among the citizens of the city

Exclusive Video: Hear the moment two rockets hit the city of Kharkiv this morning

The Nevada GOP tried to hide the video of their January 6 conspiracy to appoint a fake slate of electoral college voters for Donald J. Trump by deleting it from all platforms. We have it here

The story behind the photo: April 9, 2022 - Kharkiv, Ukraine

In rare media event, heroes from the Ukrainian International Legion visit Kharkiv to answer questions; dispel rumors and show the world why Ukraine has already won

Evil Didn't Die. Tasha Adams on hell, abuse, and marriage to accused January 6 seditionist and Oath Keeper founder Stewart Rhodes

Kharkiv terror attack results in three lives lost; war crimes investigation started (Warning: Graphic Images)

War continues, but healing has begun for children in Kharkiv Oblast

Chapter Two: The right people

Chapter One: Death came later for me

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